Delta Marketing - Sports retail Department


Delta Marketing is a subsidiary of the Alireza Group and is 50% owned by Reza Investment Company Ltd. It began in 1984 by manufacturing and bottling water, and later expanded into two Divisions - Delta Water and Delta Sport & Leisure.

Delta Sports & Leisure Division has two departments, Delta Health & Fitness and Delta Sports Retail.

Delta Sports Retail sells a wide range of premium sports brands in Jeddah, Riyadh and Al Khobar. Operating under the names adidas Flagship Stores and Deltaz, they feature many world-class brands.



Products and services

Delta Sports retail operates over 20 adidas flagship stores throughout KSA and is the leading adidas retailer in the Middle East. These stores cater not just for sports players and fans, but for those for whom adidas products represent an attractive lifestyle choice. The stores sell wide ranges of footwear and clothing, plus sports-related equipment and accessories for football, basketball, tennis and other sports.

The company’s proprietary chain is Deltaz, which has outlets in Jeddah, Riyadh and Al Khobar. These carry brands such as Nike, Prince and Reebok. As well as clothing, luggage and other accessories, the stores sell a wide range of sporting equipment, including tennis, squash and other racquet sports, with well-known names such as Wilson, Prince, Babolat and Head.


Why Delta Sports Retail?

Via adidas Flagship Stores and Deltaz, Delta Sports Retail offers a wide range of world-class brands at competitive prices. These encompass all areas of modern, youth, leisure and sporting lifestyles. All stores are bright and attractive, offering wide choice and first class service.

For partners and suppliers, Delta Sports Retail offers a thriving retail environment that covers all of KSA, together with a major on-going expansion programme.


Delta Marketing Company (DMC)

P.O. Box: 10302
Jeddah - 21433

Tel: +966 12 660 8467