Suttons Arabia


Suttons Arabia is a joint venture between Arabian Chemical Terminals Ltd (ACT) and Suttons International Ltd, a subsidiary of the Suttons Group, a UK-based leading chemical logistics company, which also has locations in Europe, the US and the Far East. 

Historically, ACT used to outsource the transport logistics component of its operation to third parties.  This process eventually became unsupportable, as with ACT’s high commitment to the health and safety of its people and the community at large, it could no longer accept the safety lapses that existed with current transport companies.  Furthermore, this situation brought to light what ACT believed was an opportunity to fill an unmet gap in the market. ACT then set out to identify a partner to fill this gap who shared the same values and commitment to safety that they did and identified that partner as the Suttons Group.

The new venture strengthens the overall offering of the sister companies Chemtrade and ACT by delivering to the market unrivalled advanced logistics capabilities at the highest standards of health and safety.

The company was established in July 2012 to provide the safest chemical logistics and transportation services to the fast expanding chemical and petrochemical industrial sectors in the Arabian Gulf region.


Products and services

Suttons Arabia offers high quality chemical logistics across Saudi Arabia, the wider region, and to worldwide destinations with unrivalled door-to-door service.

This includes trucking and other transportation facilities, all to the highest international safety standards. The company has access to Sutton Group’s large numbers of ISO Containers, ensuring fast and cost-effective freighting. Its general purpose fleet offers tank capacity from 17,000 to 35,000 litres, and it can also provide purpose-built dedicated tanks.

Suttons Arabia also offers on-site logistics, containerising or drumming raw chemicals at the factory before delivering them onto the customers (or final destination). Again, the highest safety levels are adhered to.


Why Suttons Arabia?

Whether for a standalone service, or as part of the overall offering of ACT and Chemtrade, the pioneers of bulk chemical distribution, Suttons Arabia offers a great deal to both local and multi-national companies. Both Arabian Chemical Terminals and Suttons Group have built a reputation for reliability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and, most importantly, a stellar record for safety.

All this ensures that Suttons Arabia can provide a real value added service to its customers and maintaining the “Responsible Care“ ethos that is a vital part of the industry. Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s unique global initiative that drives continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental performance. 


Suttons Arabia

P. O. Box: 22431
Alireza Tower, 11th Floor, 
Madinah Road
Jeddah - 21495
Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 12 652 0000
Fax: +966 12 651 7492

General Manager:
Simon Bury