Reza Industrial Solution - Water Treatment Division was founded in 2012 with a view to dedicatedly providing our customers with the best services and solutions possible to maximize water treatment systems efficiency. This especially includes the chemicals and products that we use in our solution programs. We have a complete portfolio of chemical solutions to aid in corrosion inhibition, scale & deposition prevention, and biological fouling control.

We have synergized together the Chemistry, Technology and Professionals to solve the Complex water Treatment Issues.

Product & Services

Boiler Water Chemicals

  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Steam Line Treatment
  • Fuel Treatment
  • Antifoam
  • Feed and Control Systems
  • System Cleaners
  • Closed Loop Treatment

Cooling Water Chemicals

  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Biocides — Oxidizing and Non-Oxidizing
  • Antifoam
  • Feed and Control Systems
  • System Cleaners
  • Advanced Oxidation System
  • Legionella Management and Risk Control

Waste Water

  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants
  • De-foamers
  • Bio-augmentation
  • Odor Control
  • Chemical Application Systems

Reverse Osmosis Products and Services

RO Chemicals

  • RO Antiscalant
  • Membrane Cleaning Chemicals
  • Membrane Autopsy

RO Membranes

  • Sea Water
  • Brackish Water
  • Nano Filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Low Pressure
  • Fouling Resistant
  • Ultra-Pure Water
  • Residential

Membrane Cleaning

We have full range of Membrane Flushing/Cleaning Chemicals to address following issues. The membrane fouling leads to decrease in permeate flow; increased differential pressure and decrease in permeate quality.

  • Organics and Bio fouling which is caused by bacteria but also include fungi, algae, and nematodes.
  • Colloidal Fouling: Poor performance of pretreatment systems may lead to colloidal membrane fouling
  • Inorganic Scale Deposits: Caused by many inorganic precipitating ion especially Calcium Carbonate. This is primarily caused due to wrong selection of antiscalant or poor antiscalant control. Depending on each type of fouling we design our cleaning program. We also undertake full cleaning job to your satisfaction.

Membrane Autopsy

We also undertake Membrane Autopsy for identifying and evaluating the deposits on membrane surfaces. The SEM – EDAX Technique is used to study deposits on membrane surfaces. The information gained is invaluable when proposing preventive and corrective actions in pretreatment operation. This also helps in selecting effective cleaning program. An effective cleaning program minimizes operational cost and helps to increase membrane life.

Plant Health Check-up

We undertake the Technical Audit of the plant for diagnosis of plant operational issues and problems and if there is any potential risk involve in the operation. We also recommend the plan of action for trouble shooting.

Membrane Profiling and Probing

We also undertake Membrane Profiling and Probing to detect the membrane health and analyze the damage potential of each membrane.

Water Disinfection System

ClO2IX is patented technology for Water Hygiene and disinfection. Catalytic chlorine dioxide (ClO2IX) is the latest in a long line of systems designed to provide ClO2, a hugely efficient biocide, having multitude of applications. ClO2IX provides a system to safely produce and dose “ultra-pure” chlorine dioxide product without any hazardous or undesirable by-products and with unsurpassed reliability of operation. Because of the product purity and lack of health & safety issues a whole new field of applications is now able to utilize ClO2 via ClO2IX e.g. prevention of bio-fouling on RO membranes, municipal water treatment without Bromate formation, water hygiene treatments without toxic byproducts. ClO2IX is now utilized widely in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the USA with hundreds of systems in operation throughout the National Health Services of the UK & Ireland. These systems have been installed to continuously dose all or parts of hospital water systems (including drinking water) in order to eliminate and control water borne pathogens such as Legionella sps., Pseudomonas sps., E.coli, Aspergillums, MRSA, Norovirus etc. as well as biofilm within water systems which harbors and protects these and other pathogenic organisms from the effects of thermal and chemical disinfections.

Why Reza Industrial Solution - Water Treatment

RIS has best-in-class knowledge and expertise when it comes to the water treatment and other industrial processes. Reza Industrial Solution will work with you to both optimize your current treatment system and programs, provide consultation on improving the treatment program, monitoring the systems and program. We have a complete series of advanced chemical solutions for every stage of your industrial water operation. From the intake of raw water, pretreatment for utility make-up, Water Hygiene Systems all the way to wastewater disposal, RIS can provide a chemical treatment program customized for your unique system requirements.

RIS truly excels when it comes to the application of chemical solutions and technologies. Water treatment is a science, but the optimal diagnosis and selection of a treatment program can be an art. It takes years of field experience, on the job training hands on experience to learn how to evaluate a water system and determine its potential to corrode, scale, or foul the various heat transfer surfaces.

A water treatment chemical program needs to be customized and applied with the utmost care. We regularly monitor the water quality in our customer’s systems and make prompt recommendations for adjustments when needed. A comprehensive Training & Development Program is carried out to the Systems Operators, Supervisors and Engineers prior to the program start up so that they understand the programs and ways and means to handle it. They can also be made competent enough to take quick decision in case of any contingencies. They are also trained on HSE issues safe handling of chemicals dos and don’ts in case of chemical spillage etc.

Reza Industrial Solutions Water Treatment


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