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VisionMaker Arabia specialises in leisure destinations such as theme parks, water parks, urban entertainment centres and resorts – either designing, creating and managing new ones, or improving existing locations. Worldwide, VisionMaker has a proven track record in North America, Europe, Asia and the Far East, and with the launch of VisionMaker Arabia is now bringing this expertise to the Middle East.


Products and services

For potential clients, VisionMaker Arabia’s offer is essentially three-fold:

  • With existing projects, the company can survey, critique and make recommendations for optimising their performance. VisionMaker Arabia can also take over day-to-day management and offer either partnership or acquisition.
  • For planned projects, the company can help you create and develop your vision, providing the funding and expertise needed to make it a reality.
  • VisionMaker Arabia will also create its own projects, from concept through to construction, promotion and management.

The firm’s first project in the region falls into the <first/second/third> category.

This, however, is just the beginning; VisionMaker looks forward to working with partners on both existing and new projects.


Why VisionMaker Arabia?

VisionMaker Arabia is unique, not just in terms of its offering, but in the 360° capability it provides. Designers or operators each offer their own expertise, but often lack all-round vision. By offering a complete service, VisionMaker is perfectly placed to ensure success.

For the consumer, where The Walt Disney Company delivers the ultimate in pure fantasy, it’s the aim of VisionMaker to marry fantasy with reality and authenticity, capturing the true essence of a place, welcoming guests and sending them on adventures of self-discovery while bringing them closer to their families and their world. An irresistible and proven combination, particularly for the Middle East region, with its unique traditions and culture.

For its partners, the company’s vision is simply to realise precisely what’s wished for, whatever the scale or ambition of the project. To consult, improve, develop or create as necessary, maximising investments and fully delivering objectives.


VisionMaker Arabia
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