The Reza Investment Company is wholly owned by the Alireza family. Reza Investment has successfully developed market-leading positions in trading, manufacturing and service industries throughout Saudi Arabia and the GCC.

Created in 1976, it’s a holding company with headquarters in Jeddah and branches in Riyadh and Al Khobar in KSA, as well as Qatar, Bahrain and UAE, from where it serves all of the wider Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region. It embraces a diversified group of businesses, which are among the market leaders in each of their respective fields.

All broadly share our corporate philosophy, our belief in doing business in a sustainable, conscientious way, embracing Corporate Social Responsibility, and our commitment to success, innovation and value.

Today, Reza represents around 20 businesses across sectors as diverse as commercial and industrial services, manufacturing, construction, Advertising, food and logistics. You can read more about each company by clicking the links under ‘Companies’ on the menu above. We also welcome enquiries from other companies, which share our values, and which have or are planning to establish market-leading positions in their sector.

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