Our founders believed that we had a direct responsibility to give back; to make our communities better places in which to live and work for everyone. That philosophy still holds true for Reza today. We remain committed to safeguarding not only employees and customers, but also the communities in which we operate, and the environment in general.


Social policies

As a socially responsible organization, Reza encourages employees to be active in community programes such as volunteer days and charity fundraisers. Every Reza facility offers opportunities for employees to volunteer or donate, and we’re proud that many choose to do so.


Environmental responsibility

Here, we always seek to make changes where we can do the most good – looking to improve our manufacturing methods, our products, our packaging and our transportation.

By undertaking life cycle assessments (LCAs), we can appreciate the impact our products may have on the environment, from raw materials through to manufacturing, product use and disposal. And we continue to look for new ways to conserve resources, reduce our footprint and improve overall environmental performance.


For more details on our sustainability policies, please contact us.