Giving back to the community

Reza supports a wide variety of educational, charitable and social initiatives in a wide range of ways, helping them to reduce costs or raise money or awareness. This includes anything from financial donations through to free products, supporting fund-raising activities, donating employees’ time and more. In addition, we encourage our partners, suppliers, staff and customers to help sustain our CSR initiatives.

Below are causes and organizations we support on an on-going basis.


Al Falah

The oldest school in Saudi Arabia originally established by Hajj Mohamed Ali Yousef Zainal Alireza. Today it has locations in Jeddah and Mecca, and despite catering primarily for underprivileged children, it’s students achieve consistently excellent scholastic results.


JISH (Jeddah Institute for Speech and Hearing)

A not-for-profit institution established in 1993 to promote speech/language and hearing delivery using modern facilities, technology and expertise. JISH follows the standards of clinical practice of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). For more information, see

Barakat Trust

A UK-registered charity which provides financial support for the study and research of the material and visual cultures of Islamic societies, while enhancing the possibilities of cross-cultural understanding and tolerance. To find out more, see



Saudi Arabia’s leading centre for the diagnostic and remedial treatment of disabilities in learning, communication and perception. A non-profit organization supported by a variety of donors and benefactors. For further details, see


The Mansoojat Foundation

A UK-registered charity founded by a group of Saudi women with a passionate interest in the traditional ethnic textiles and costumes of the various regions of Saudi Arabia. As well as preserving the designs, their aim is to conduct academic research and to raise public awareness of this unique heritage. They also help unemployed people to make and sell costumes to these traditional designs. For details, and to view some of these magnificent costumes, see