Panda Supermarkets choose Durability, Service & Cost effectiveness

"Out with the old"
The New Panda Team Member on the left with his Rubbermaid cleaning station Vs The Old Contract cleaner on the right

Panda Supermarkets are the largest Grocery retailer in Saudi Arabia and are constantly looking for ways to improve operations, and to provide a satisfying and enjoyable customer experience. One of their main goals for 2014 was to replace different cleaning contractors with their own Panda teams and to establish consistent standards and measureable cleaning performance; this included all cleaning and floor care equipment. After months of extensive testing and evaluation, Panda Supermarkets signed a multi-year supply & maintenance agreement with Reza Hygiene that includes a complete range of Rubbermaid professional janitorial equipment and HAKO Floor Scrubber Driers for more than 165 PANDA stores.

Panda tested the durability and service capabilities of a range of floor machines from several leading equipment suppliers. The durability of HAKO scrubber driers, their ease of use, and on-site staff training were important requirements.  Most importantly, Panda required the immediate availability of spare parts (or entire replacement machines), plus the back-up service assurances, provided by the fleet of Reza Hygiene’s mobile service vans  - these were critical factors in Panda’s decision to award the contract to Reza Hygiene.
Panda also appreciated the new approach of using mobile cleaning stations, positioned for efficiency of workflow, and using lockable Rubbermaid High Security Cleaning trollies for customer safety.  The trollies were equipped with a range of Rubbermaid microfiber products and other high-efficiency cleaning tools. Rubbermaid are well known for their innovative and extremely durable products that provide users with higher quality long-term performance and better-cost effectiveness in use.
Panda have worked very closely with Reza Hygiene for many years on Pandas’ behind the counter Food Safety program and this new front of house program ensured greater efficiency, consistency and integration with an overall hygiene program including staff training, hygiene program implementation, results monitoring, and service visits.