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Delta Marketing is a subsidiary of the Alireza Group. It began in 1984 by manufacturing and bottling water, the company later expanded into two divisions - Delta Water and Delta Sport & Leisure.

Delta Water is one of Saudi Arabia's leading suppliers of quality drinking water for the retail, wholesale and Home & Office (HOD) sectors, and is also the largest HOD delivery company in the Western Region of KSA. The company is 50% owned by Reza Investment Company Ltd.


Products and services

Delta Water markets and distributes purified drinking water of the highest quality under several brand names.

Delta is the company’s premium offering, and is the only bottled water in KSA produced by distillation. It’s sold in 5 and 6 gallon bottles for the home and office sectors and is available with and without added minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Al-Ain is the company’s biggest seller. Its purified using reverse osmosis, includes all essential minerals, and is available in many different packages and sizes, from 150ml to 6 gallon.

Bambini is designed for the preparation of baby food, and was developed in consultation with leading paediatricians. It’s purified by distillation and via ultra violet and ozone. It’s available in sizes from 330ml to 2 litres.

Delta Water is also a major supplier of bulk water to industry.


Why Delta Water?

Delta Water regularly supplies water to a customer base of over 10,000, and its products are enjoyed every day by many more. As well as its Jeddah headquarters, it has branches in Mecca, Medina, Riyadh and Taif, together with a fleet of over 200 supply vehicles, which means it can comfortably supply many regions of the country.

For consumers and retailers, Delta Water products offer the peace of mind of naturalness and purity at attractive prices, along with the convenience and flexibility of many different capacities and packaging (the company was the first to introduce 5-gallon bottled water). As well as home and office delivery options, Delta products are available at leading supermarkets, mini-markets, pharmacies and small groceries.

 For industry, Delta Water offers not just a reliable water source but a flexible one, both in terms of quality and quantity, and the company can meet almost any commercial need.

The company has numerous international accreditations, as well as the ISO 22000 certification for food safety.


Delta Marketing - Delta Water

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